Pueblo City Council Approves Retail Cannabis Dispensary Regulations


Over the last several months the city of Pueblo has been at odds over whether or not to allow recreational cannabis dispensaries within city limits. While the county of Pueblo is home to both cultivation facilities and dispensaries, the city Read the article

Montana Lawmakers Work to Implement Medical Marijuana Laws


As we head into the New Year, lawmakers around the country are trying to decide what to do when it comes to marijuana laws, and in the state of Montana that could potentially be a bad thing. Initiative 182, which Read the article

Teen Marijuana Use Continues to Drop


Despite the claims from those who support marijuana prohibition that legalization laws would make it easier for kids to get marijuana, thereby increasing use among that age group, the latest data shows that the opposite is actually happening.

The latest Read the article

Year in Review: Top 10 notable developments in the marijuana industry from 2016

By Omar Sacirbey and Bart Schaneman

In the annals of marijuana history, 2016 will most certainly stand out as a watershed year for the business of cannabis.

From huge wins on Election Day and a flurry of investment activity to … Read the article

Canadian cannabis IPO raises $45 million

Canadian licensed cannabis producer CanniMed Therapeutics completed an IPO Thursday, listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange and raising about CAN $60 million, or US $45 million.

The company, based in the central Canadian province of Saskatchewan, sold five million … Read the article

Medical marijuana bills filed in South Carolina

A South Carolina state house representative has pre-filed two medical marijuana bills that his fellow legislators will consider during the 2017 legislative session.

If passed, the bills would be another major advance for cannabis legalization in the traditionally conservative South, … Read the article

Colorado rec shop countersues investment firms

The owners of the Original Leaf recreational marijuana store in Aspen, Colorado are countersuing two Texas investment firms, alleging that their principals controlled the money they invested in Original Leaf and forced the owners to hire unnecessary workers, including one … Read the article

Is Hemp Becoming The New Tobacco For Kentucky Farmers


Farmers are planting less tobacco in Kentucky after growing health concerns decreased demand. Alternatively, they’re increasingly turning to hemp and have more than doubled the cannabis variety types in 2016. The states has become the Number 2 producer in the … Read the article

There Will Be a Delay On Retail Marijuana Sales In Massachusetts


Lawmakers in Massachusetts went through a 6 month delay in the sale of cannabis for recreational use,saying they needed more time to dabble with a legalization measure that voters accepted in November.
According to a copy of the legislation posted … Read the article

EDITORIAL: Top issues from 2016 include I-25, homelessness, marijuana and more

Whether legalized recreational marijuana is responsible, this is a situation the city has had to face. And for the most part, the city and various nonprofits …

This post appeared first on gazette.com Marijuana.… Read the article This post appeared first on gazette.com Marijuana.