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Study: Cannabis Improves Outcomes in Opioid-Dependent Subjects Undergoing Treatment

Cannabis use is associated withimproved outcomesinopioid-dependentsubjects undergoing outpatient treatment, according todatapublished online ahead of print in the journalDrug and Alcohol Dependence.

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Board Changes Residency Rules for Legal Pot Businesses

The board tasked with writing rules for Alaska’s recreational marijuana industry backtracked Tuesday and adopted stricter residency requirements for applicants for pot business licenses.

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Victory for Chilean Mom Kept from Her Baby for Smoking Pot

A family court in Chile has ruled in favor of a mother who was restricted access to her newborn daughter for 12 days for smoking marijuana. It ordered the hospital to discharge the baby.

This post appeared first on http://www.hightimes.com/read/victory-chilean-mom-kept-her-baby-smoking-potRead the article This post appeared first on http://www.hightimes.com/read/victory-chilean-mom-kept-her-baby-smoking-pot.