Todd Subritzky

Todd Subritzky

Todd Subritzky

PhD Student at National Drug Research Institute in Australia

Based: Sydney

Fieldwork: Denver, San Francisco

Overview of research: Check out this 2 minute video

Todd’s PhD thesis is a multi-source investigation of issues that arise from the implementation and evolution of the recreational cannabis market in Colorado. As the world’s first fully commercialised seed to sale legal marijuana market for adults, Colorado is an important example to begin examining early consequences of specific policy choices.

Data sources included the Colorado Official State Web Portal and other government documents such as House and Senate Bills, Governor Executive Orders, state-mandated impact and task force reports, Legislative Council records, industry notifications, and workgroup meeting minutes. Additionally, the following were examined: the Retail Marijuana Code (RMC); industry periodicals; emerging literature from noted cannabis scholars; media stories; interviews with senior regulators, industry executives and front-line public health officials; and field observations from tours of cultivation facilities, dispensaries, trade shows, and policy symposiums.

Todd Subritzky: Education, Business, Awards

Originally from NZ, Todd completed his BSc (hons) in Sociology while living in Copenhagen, Denmark. With an entrepreneurial background, he has worked in Denmark for 10 years, China for 7 years, and Australia for 8 years among other ventures.

In 2017 Todd was awarded the Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarship (formerly known as Australian Postgraduate Award or APA) and the Curtin Research Scholarship (CRS) for students with exceptional research potential.

In recent times Todd completed postgraduate courses in quantitative and qualitative health research methodologies with distinction and high distinction respectively.

He is also a lecturer with La Trobe University (Sydney campus) on the Health Information Management (HIM) program where he teaches data analytics in health care and other evidence-based research subjects.

The entrepreneurial Todd has founded several companies including Kaizen Digital in 2011, which has overseen and successfully managed hundreds of web projects for Australian businesses including: web project management, strategy and consultation, analytics, data migration and backup, competitor analysis, market insights, reputation management, surveys, SOPs, online training and webinars, focus groups, data management, EDM, SEM, and SEO (traffic surge specialists).

Todd has also founded the site Medical Cannabis Doctors, which aims to connect patients with licensed GPs able to prescribe cannabis in Australia.

Cannabis Thought Leadership: Conference Papers and Presentations by Todd Subritzky

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Subritzky, T. (2018) The strengths and weaknesses of the Colorado cannabis legalisation scheme – presented at NDRI Annual Symposium in Melbourne, November 22, 2018

Peer-reviewed Academic Publications in International Journals

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